About the Conference

The advent of attosecond laser technology offers unprecedented and unique capacities to unveil the structure and dynamics of matter over spatiotemporal scales down to nanometers and attoseconds. The Chinese scientific community is conceiving an advanced attosecond laser facility encompassing a wide range of electromagnetic spectrum from THz to X ray. The International Conference on Scientific Opportunities with Advanced Attosecond Lasers (SOAL) has been held since 2022, which aims at bringing together the leading researchers with diverse backgrounds to explore the scientific and technological opportunities afforded by such facilities.
SOAL-2024 now warmly welcomes worldwide participants. The conference's objectives are to stay abreast of the rapid progress in attosecond laser science, encourage academic exchanges, facilitate interdisciplinary research, and enhance the global recognition of China’s contributions in attosecond laser science and related fields.
Conference Topics: 
  • Attosecond light source and femtosecond lasers
  • Free-electron lasers
  • Terahertz spectroscopy and photonics
  • High harmonic generation in gas, solid, liquid, and plasma
  • Ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter and materials science
  • Ultrafast phenomena in chemistry and biology
  • Imaging using ultrafast sources such as ultrafast electron diffraction and coherent imaging
  • Technology and applications of particle beams, ultraviolet and X-ray pulses
  • Theoretical methods and simulations of ultrafast dynamics
The conference will be organized on July 2-6, 2024 in Dongguan, Guangdong. We sincerely look forward to your participation!
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