Songshan Lake

Songshan Lake is an 8 square kilometre freshwater lake surrounded by hill vegetation and ecological wetlands. Adorned with singing birds, anywhere you explore will provide a very nice picture.

Cycle slowly to Blooms Peak at Songshan Lake and appreciate the scenery along the way. You will see a sea of flowers and trees slowly unfolding. We recommend you slow down, to listen to the sound of a rustling flowers and bird songs.

The Science and Technology Garden of Songshan Lake has a beautiful natural environment, in which science and technology are combined with environmental protection. It is potentially the most high-level and new technology industrial developing district. “Misty Rains of Songshan Lake” as one of the eight sceneries is located in the South of the garden with the freshwater lake of 8 square kilometers as the core. It is mainly composed of hill vegetations and ecological wetlands. The cultural scenery projects such as Binhu Road (over 40 kilometers), the flower sea of Song Lake and Taoyuan Garden have all been accomplished here. The name “Misty Rains” highlights the sight of rainbow after the rain stops in the early morning and suggests a prosperous future for Songshan Lake.


Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park

Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park, located in Zhangmutou Town of Dongguan City, is the first national forest park of Dongguan authorized by the Bureau of Forestry of China. With a gross area of 18 square kilometers and the forestry coverage rate above 99%, it is a comprehensive scenic spot integrating ecological sightseeing, entertainment, bodybuilding and cultural tourism. In October of 2006, Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park was established as the second “model foundation of international ecological traveling” in China by the International Eco-Safety Cooperative Organization of UN.

Guanyin Mountain has a long history, quiet environment, pretty view and clear air, in which rare birds and strange beasts appear with various flowers and other unfamiliar plants being seen everywhere. In the park there is an International Exhibition Center of 50,000 m2, a large-scale exhibition hall of 12,000 m2 and a comprehensive stage of 600 m2, all of which make it the best place for all kinds of exhibitions and activities. The Ancient Tree Museum of Guanyin Mountain in the park is the first ancient tree museum in China. It has a collection of more than 50 recently-unearthed ancient trees of great research and appreciative value. It is titled “Popular Science Education Foundation” of the first batch of Dongguan and “Guangdong Province Youth Science Education Foundation” successively.


Shuilian Mountain Park

Shuilian Mountain Park is located in the Southern part of Dongguan City, more than 10 kilometers from the downtown area. This park owns forests of 6,000 mu, the main hill of which is 378 meters altitude. Compared with nearby mountains, Shuilian Mountain appears more picturesque due to the abundant water, in which "Pengtong Waterfall" was one of the eight sceneries in Dongguan in the Ming Dynasty.

Shuilian Mountain has a profound history and culture. You can see ancient temples of the Song and Ming Dynasty here as well as the former military base of Dongjiang Battalion during Anti-Japanese War. Long ago Penggong, a Chinese ancient saint, cultivated himself in Taoist methods here and intellectuals left lots of complimentary poems here. Chen Lian, the deputy director of the Board of the Etiquett Rites of the Ming Dynasty and a native of Qiaotou of Houjie, called it the "Little Penglai outside the city". This mountain provides a nice place for enjoying leisure and fashion, appreciating beauty and elegance, relishing both history and present as well as doing sports for numerous citizens.